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Amazonia Intimate Steam


Size: 60g (enough for 3 steams)

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Product Information:

Steaming the vagina with a carefully chosen collection of herbs or leaves from the
tropical rainforest is an age-old use in certain communities from Africa, Asia and
South America among which Suriname. The women from Maroon tribes in
Suriname, have been using this method for centuries. Due to its great success their
tradition has also been adopted by the rest of the population.
This vaginal steam aims to bring the vagina and uterus in optimal condition and is
used with certain regularity before and after each menstrual cycle, and certainly after
giving birth, in order to promote the well-being of the woman.
A vaginal steam bath can do the following:
 It supports cleansing and purification of the vagina and uterus
 It contributes to strengthening of the vaginal wall (vaginal rejuvenation)
 It reduces excess vaginal mucus
 It supports prevention of inflammation after delivery
 It reduces strong unpleasant odors
 It connects the woman with her inner being
 Supports the regulation of the female cycle, helping to heal and detoxify the
 Can aid in reduction of menstrual cramps
 Can aid in fertility increase
 Can help to reduce uterine abnormalities
 It relaxes
Furthermore, it is also good to know that this steam bath is also good for the anus as
it supports in counteracting hemorrhoids.
Treat yourself to a blissful self-catering ritual in the comfort of your own home.
Amazon Intimate Steam is a carefully crafted natural product which only ingredient is
herbs from the Amazon Tropical Rainforest.


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